Mini-sode 1

‘I don’t know why I like it, I just always have’

‘It’s fake you know’ Ruben Parraga replies

Sigh, that statement again. ‘It’s not fake’

‘It is’

‘It really isn’t’ I say through gritted teeth

‘It really is though, they know what the other person’s going to do’

‘Ruben, if it’s so fake, let me powerbomb you through that coffee table over there’

‘WHAT?! Are you mad, that’ll hurt like hell!

‘So it can’t be fake then can it!’

‘But it is, they know what to do and when to do it’

‘Ruben, soap operas aren’t real either, but you still sit and watch them don’t you!’

‘Yeah but…’

‘But nothing! Wrestling is scripted, as in they know the outcome of the match, but to say the moves they perform are fake is just wrong. See look, Kevin Owens has just done a frog splash from the top rope, onto Roman Reigns on the outside of the ring, through a fucking table! Tell me how the guy getting jumped on, by another 6 foot something and about 16 stone fully grown man doesn’t feel that, as it’s fake?’

‘Well they know how to land don’t they’ Ruben remarks. The smug twat.

‘Right, I’ll ask you again, let me jump off this sofa, onto you through that table over just like you’ve seen on the telly’.

He shakes his head.

‘Don’t wind me up. It’s not fake, they really are throwing each other about. Now piss off will you I’m trying to watch the rest of the Royal Rumble’

With that he leaves my flat. I can now watch the Rumble from the other night in peace and quiet. Even at my age I’m still very much entertained by wrestling. Just as the Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns match ends, my phone vibrates. It’s a text from the clubs owner:

Vince, Philip Chidi signing confirmed, he’ll be at the training ground tomorrow. Bye for now.

So we’ve managed to sign Philip Chidi, winger / forward who is experienced at this level, and has scored 8 in 34 games for Brito. I think with his experience and decent all round stats for this level, he can come in and contribute to our staying in the league. With this signing, along with the good performances we’ve had already I am quietly confident of staying in the league. Right enough of work, I want to watch the end of this Royal Rumble.

Next episode – Relegation group stage

Previous episode – It happened after 10

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