It’s within reach

We’re within touching distance of a place in the promotion stage of the league, I can almost taste it, we had 3 great results in December, even without our leading scorer we managed to grab 7 points from 9 to keep us in first place of Group E on 35 points. A couple more wins and we should qualify for the Promotion stage

‘Juan Mata, really? He won the Ballon d’Or’ I ask Ruben Parraga

‘Yes, not sure how he won it though, Messi and Sanchez both scored more, but Mata got loads more assists.  I think his assists are what won him it’ Ruben replies

‘No Ronaldo in the top 3 either?’

‘Nope. He won’t be bothered though’

Half time team talk. Caldas SC away 7th January

‘Don’t you dare let up, they’re down to 10 men and we’ve been all over them so far, get the goal and they’ll crumble. No excuses’ I relay a message to the team. We’ve been the better team against Caldas, they’re down to 10 men, no way we’re losing this.

90th minute of the game

‘I actually can’t believe this. Is this their first corner of the game?’ I ask Dentinho, who is sat on the bench after I subbed him off in the 75th minute

He just nods back. I can tell he’s not happy at being brought off, he hadn’t played well. Anyway they’re corner is about to be taken

It’s whipped in towards the far post, I would’ve thought they’d have kept possession at the flag.

We’ve cleared it, well it looks like we’ll take a point from this

They’re keeping possession, they’re definitely happy with the point

Hang on, why is Augusto calling for the ball?

He gets played in edge of the area

He’s not going to…?

He’s hit it low

It’s hit Tiago Gomes on the knee, Espinoza is wrong footed…..

‘NOOOOOOOOOO for fuck sake, how the fucking hell have you let that go in?!?’ I yell at no one in particular ‘This is an absolute disgrace!’

The players and staff on the Caldas bench are running around as if they’ve just won the World Cup

‘You got lucky you bastards, next time we’ll have you, piss off’ I tell their manager I don’t even have a full time team talk, that was an absolute disgrace we lost that today, no way we should’ve not even taken a point in that one.

3 weeks later

‘Maybe the Caldas game was a reality check Vince, I mean we were poor against them, Fatima and Alcanenese, but at least we’ve made the Promotion stage’ Ruben says

‘I would’ve liked to go into the next stage in a bit of good form though. I guess one way to look at it would be this is a new start in a way, we set out in this stage as we mean to go on’.

Well we qualified for the promotion stage, despite losing 3 of our next 4 games. I intend to start this part of the competition as we mean to go on, no messing around we go into each game with the intention of winning.

We’ve been drawn in Promotion group B and I think our biggest threat is going to be CD Mafra also finished top of their group.

This is our time, MY time. I do not want to let this slip away

Next episode – Is an unlikely promotion on the cards?

Previous episode – Set the tempo

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