End of the season – mini-sode 2

‘See look, Braun Strowman is at least 6 foot 7, and has just choke slammed Roman into the mat, you can’t tell me that wouldn’t hurt not even a little bit?’

‘But they know how to land. There’s no way they’d let someone else actually hurt them for real’ Ruben replies

‘But even you can see that getting slammed onto a hard surface is going to hurt isn’t it!’

‘Well the ring is padded, no way it’s made of wood or anything’

‘Really, you really just said that. Look at the size of the wrestlers, both at least 6 foot 5, even the refs not small, you’re telling me the ring is padded and can hold all that weight?’


‘You’re an idiot’

‘You watch wrestling’

‘Do you want to find yourself a new job?’

‘Okay you win’

‘No, I mean it, do you want a new job?’ I say in a downbeat sort of way

‘Not really, I like it here with you we can do some good things’ Ruben replies

‘Well I haven’t told anyone but Rafael has left as my assistant manager, so I need a new one, and I can’t think of anyone better than you’


‘Yes really. The coward didn’t even have the balls to tell me to my face he was leaving, I had a reporter approach me on the way out yesterday, I gave him some dross about respecting Rafael and that we got on really well, but we never got on well at all’. Just as I say that Braun Strowman gave Roman Reigns a second power slam to beat him in the main event of the Payback pay-per-view. ‘Look, now Braun’s hitting him with steel steps, and before you say something stupid like they’re plastic, these are the same steps these wrestlers used to walk into the ring’

‘Yeah well there’s something in them that stops it from hurting when they get hit’ Ruben replies

‘You really are something you know that’

‘It’s fake Vince, anyway look I’ve got to go somewhere, if you’re serious about me being the new assistant sort the details out, I’ll happily stay’

‘Cheers Ruben’ As he leaves I get confirmation of the team of the year as voted by the fans, and Santos gets player of the year, Drogunov is both signing and young player of the year, which is disappointing as he is on his way out of the club

With that I’m heading back to the training ground to address the squad and hopefully improve where we can.

Next episode – Season number 2, here we come

Previous episode – The run in, can we stay up?

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