The run in, can we stay up?

‘Not 1, not 2, not even 3, but 4 goals!! Outstanding play today Philip, you were incredible’

‘Sim amigo, obrigado’ Philip Chidi replies, who scored 4 goals in this must win game. I don’t think he understands English, he must’ve assumed by my reaction I was happy. We absolutely dominated that game, the players really showed up in this one.

From then on we went on a run of 2 wins and 3 losses to see us finish 4th in the relegation stage of Group E, and avoiding relegation.

At our end of season team talk I tell the players 2 words, and only 2 words – mission complete! We set out to get 1 thing done and that was survive, and we did by a good 9 point margin too. It turned out to be a good season all things considered, and I am confident we can better this season’s finish and dare I say, push on for a top 2 finish, enabling us to play in the promotion stage?

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself here, but I think with the right mentality, we might just do something good next season. We do need address the wobbly form though, we seem to win a game, lose a game, win a couple lose a couple. If I’m really serious about our chances of a really good season we need to get some consistency in. I need to get the mentality that we’re too good for the drop in this team, and I need to get players in that fit the bill, and are first team ready.

Just as I’m leaving for my own end of season break, Vlad Drogunov has once again rejected my offer of a new contract. I’m a little disappointed as he’s been good for us this season, but we’ll go in again and if he says no then so be it.

Season one of the journey is in the bag, and all things considered, it’s been a good season for us. Expected to finish at the bottom of the league to survive quite comfortably really is definitely a positive. We’re going to look at everything in the off season, players leaving, who to target to bring in, tactics, training the lot. I want to go all out next season and see where that takes us.

For now though, I’m going on holiday.

Next episode – End of the season Mini-sode 2

Previous episode – Relegation group stage

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